Foreigners visiting Russia must have a Russian visa, which is available only at Russian embassies or consulates abroad and only upon presenting an invitation from a hotel or organization in Russia. Getting a visa takes a few weeks, so be sure to plan well in advance.

Please fill in Special form for visa support so that we can issue an invitation for you. Please note! We accept Special form for visa support not later than 2 weeks prior to your scheduled.

How to get visa ?
The process of making visa consists of several steps:
1. Getting visa invitation:
- choose visa type more suitable for you
- order visa invitation
- send necessary documents
- get visa invitation
2. Obtaining visa at the Russian Consulate:
- contact your local Russian Consulate to know the list
of the documents you need, working hours and amount of Consular fee
- prepare required documents and submit them to the Consulate
- pick up your visa
- check visa information to make sure that it is correct
3. Registration upon arrival:
- take migration card on the border
- make registration within 3 working days upon arrival

Visa support costs 1200 RUB