Hotel services agreement No. ___ St. Petersburg "___" _______________ 2023 .
Hotel services agreement No. ___ St. Petersburg "___" _______________ 2023 . MIKA Limited Liability Company, represented by Director Kirill Pavlovich Khristoforov, acting on the basis of the Charter, hereinafter referred to as the "Executor", on the one hand, and _____________________________________________________________________________, hereinafter referred to as the "Customer", on the other hand, and together referred to as the "Parties", have concluded this agreement on the following: 1. Subject of the contract 1.1. Under this agreement, the Contractor undertakes, at the request of the Customer for booking, subject to availability, to provide him with temporary accommodation services in the Kristoff apartment at the address: St. Petersburg, Marata St. house.14, and the Customer undertakes to pay for these services before check–in. 1.2. The Customer's stay at the hotel is ___ days from __.___. 2023 to __.___. 2023. 2. Obligations of the Parties 2.1. The Contractor is obliged to: 2.1.1. Timely provide the Customer with the necessary and reliable information about the services, ensuring the possibility of their correct choice. 2.1.2. To inform the Customer of the list of services included in the room price. 2.3. The Customer is obliged to: 2.3.1. Comply with the accommodation rules and fire safety rules established by the Contractor (printed out in the room). 2.3.2. Accept and pay for the services rendered to him by the Contractor in full. 3. Cost of services and payment procedure 3.1. The cost of services is calculated according to the "Price List" in force at the time of acceptance of the application, indicated on the hotel's website or in another source. The cost of hotel services is not subject to VAT on the basis of Article 346.11 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. 3.2. Settlements between the parties are made in rubles, the amount of prepayment is 100%. 4. The procedure for providing services 4.1. The quality of the services provided must meet the requirements for hotel services. 4.2. The rules of hotel accommodation are established by the Contractor (printed out in the room). 4.3. The payment for hotel accommodation is charged in accordance with the unified check-out time - 12 hours of the current day local time.
4.4. In case of delayed departure of the Customer, the accommodation fee is charged in accordance with the "Rules for the provision of hotel services in the Russian Federation".
5. Responsibility of the Parties 5.1. The Contractor, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, is liable for damage caused to the life, health or property of the Customer due to deficiencies in the provision of services. 5.2. The Customer, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, compensates for damage in case of loss or damage to the property of the hotel, and is also responsible for other violations. 5.3. In case of non-arrival of the guest without prior notice, the fee for the actual downtime of the room in the amount of the cost of the first day will not be refunded.
6. Final provisions 6.1. This agreement comes into force from the moment of its conclusion and is valid until the Parties fully fulfill their obligations. 6.2. This agreement is drawn up in two copies, one for each of the Parties. 6.3. In everything that is not provided for in this agreement, the Parties are guided by the current legislation. 7. Details and signatures of the parties Executor: MIKA LLC Address: 191002 Saint Petersburg , 14 Marata str., INN 7806107591 checkpoint 784001001, OGRN 1037816024179, OKPO 54224902 Northern Capital Branch of Raiffeisenbank JSC, Saint Petersburg Settlement account 40702810603000492725, Cor. account 30101810100000000723, BIC 044030723 Tel. 8-921-570-97-02, Director ______________ ( Khristoforov K.P.)
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Passport ______________________ division code _____________ issued ____________________________ date of issue _______________ Registration address: _____________________________________________________________________________ Tel.: _______________________________ I am familiar with the rules of accommodation ____________________ /(_________________)